Playroom Decoration Ideas from Children’s Rooms

Playroom Decoration Ideas from Children’s Rooms

If you are lucky enough to have a playroom in your home, we are very envious! Playrooms are one of the only spaces in the home which you can turn a blind eye too and just completely ignore. It doesn’t matter if occasionally they get a little bit messy, they exist to let your children enjoy, and grow in your home.

To achieve the most of out your playroom design, we have a number of inexpensive but top quality products which can completely transform such a room, adding not only style and design – but also important practicality.

Below we run through some of our playroom decoration ideas with you.

Playroom Wallpaper

The trick to decorating a playroom, is to make it look brilliant, inspiring and fun – without spending so much money that you wince every time your decides to use the walls as a colouring book. Indeed, the trick is to pick a wallpaper your child loves so much, they DON’T even want to draw on it.

To achieve the above results, we have sourced a fantastic range of top quality wallpaper in a range of colours, themes, characters and designs. There’s the perfect wallpaper for every child and every room.

Some of the most popular themes from the collection include: Football, Disney, Animals, Robots, Disney Frozen, Disney Princess, Marvel, Avengers, Sports, Transports, Diggers, Construction and Farms.

You can view the full range here.

Kids Wallpaper at Children's Rooms

Playroom Curtains

Although not as important as curtains in kid’s bedrooms (think waking up at the crack of dawn every morning) Playroom Curtains add an excellent design element to any playroom, whilst keeping things nice and cosy when the darker nights roll in.

At Children’s Rooms, we source and supply an excellent range of wallpaper which is perfect for kid’s bedrooms. A wide range of themes, colours and patterns are available which encompass everything from classy designs, gingham patterns as well as all of the latest TV and film Characters.

Some of the most popular themes include Construction, Dinosaurs, Farms, Jungles, Ballerinas, Fairies, Disney, Marvel, Avengers, Sports and Football.

You can view the full range of curtains here.

Kids curtais at Children's Rooms

Playroom Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers are the perfect addition to a child’s playroom. As well as looking fantastic, they are brilliant fun for you and your child to decorate with – and they work perfectly with both neutral and busier wallpapers. A massive range are available, all are top quality and inexpensive to buy.

We think wall stickers are a great addition to any room for one simple fact, they can quickly be both put up and taken down – allowing you to cheaply and easily keep up with your child’s changing interests as they grow. This means you don’t have to tear down the wallpaper whenever your child has a new favourite character or TV show.

Themes within our range of wall stickers include sea life, butterflies, graffiti, fairies, Disney, farms, and construction. You can view the full range below:

Kids wall stickers - self adhesive and repositionable

Playroom Rugs

Playrooms get a little bit of a hard time, so it’s always a good idea to invest in a couple of rugs to protect the floor. There’s a wide range of excellent kids rugs available, which are excellent for playrooms, often providing a play area as well as floor protection. As expected, these rugs are available in a massive range of shapes, sizes and designs. They can feature everything from the Alphabet, Cars, Butterflies, Farms, Dinosaurs, Jungles and even Construction Sites.

You can view the full range, below:

Kids Rugs

Playroom Storage

Playroom Toy Storage/playroom storage in general is of massive importance. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ playrooms acquire, toys, colouring books, games, books, colouring pens, DVD’s all need a home. The aim of our kid’s storage options is to provide the perfect home for all of your kid’s belongings, keeping floor space clear and at least giving the impression of a tidy room.

A wide range of storage is available, from toy chests, laundry baskets, seat boxes and the more traditional toy boxes. There’s the perfect products for both boys and girls, and a wide range of colours and designs are available. You can view the full range below:

Playroom Storage

Playroom Seating

This is an often overlooked feature of a playroom and oversights with regards to seating can have disastrous consequences – your children can want to play in other rooms of the house! We always recommend bean bags for playrooms and bedrooms, they are cool, feature brilliant designs, are easily portable and are very comfortable.

We stock a massive range of designs suitable for both boys and girls with almost any interests, there’s everything from Star Wars and Football to Ballerinas and Disney Princess.

You can view the full range of Bean Bags here.

Disney Princess Bean Bag – Dreams

Play Rooms from Children’s Rooms

If you have any questions about designing your playroom, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help. Supplying thousands of products every month, we understand the unique requirements of a child’s playroom and can help suggest any products you may need.

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