Mother’s Day

Mothers Day at Children's Rooms

Being a mum isn’t for every one but for those of us who do have babies it’s the beginning of a wild roller coaster ride of extreme highs and lows as you guide your child through their first years and give them the best start in life that you can.

My mum still has a collection of dubious nick nacks that we bought with our own pennies for her Mother’s Day gifts and she has always maintained it’s not how much you spend … it’s the thought that counts. I can understand that better now that I am a mum because gifts my little one has chosen are extra special. I have a huge stone on my desk to illustrate this point and a bag of leaves that were described as “playground treasure”.

What ever you have bought for your mum on Mother’s Day make time for her as well. In today’s busy world days can fly by and before we know it we haven’t seen our mum for a week, maybe two. We’re lucky to have our mums so make the most of yours.

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