How to Create a Teenagers Bedroom

Very much speaking from experience, it can be difficult when your son or daughter stops being a child and starts being a teenager. Toys become redundant and they can very quickly grow out of their style of bedroom. Fortunately, at Children’s Rooms, we can help you with their bedroom transition – helping you find that middle ground bedroom style which isn’t quite adult, but isn’t childish.

Below we will run through some of our most popular products for Teenage Bedrooms, helping you change the room for less.

Teenage Bedding

Bridging the gap perfectly between childish, and adult – is our range of Teenage Bedding Sets. Available in either single or double and super king sizes, they offer cool designs which teenagers love. One of our favourites is the Day of the Dead Double Bedding Set. Taking its inspiration from the Mexican festival of life. This cover has a large and intricately designed skull on the front, and on the two pillow cases.

Day Of the dead double bedding

Teenage Curtains

Teenage curtains can be difficult to choose, too bland and they can dullen a room – too bright and they can be seen as immature. The curtains we have picked in our teenage curtain range provide the perfect middle ground. One of the most popular within the range is the City Life Curtains. These curtains boast a busy design, and the panels have lots of famous names of cities from all over the world. Perfect for a teenager with big dreams.

City Life curtains

Teenage Wall Art

Wall Art provides the perfect option for teenage bedrooms, making the perfect choice for brightening up neutral walls. Some of our bestselling wall art includes the Graffiti Wall Stickers, our favourite is the Large Graffiti Wall Stickers.

Graffiti wall sticker

Teenage Bedroom Rug

Rugs are great for teenage rooms, they add style and also protect high traffic floor areas. A number of styles are available, including cityscapes – but our favourite is the Surf, Sea, Fun beach Sign Rug.

This is a large rug, with a beach and sea scene, the central image is a sign post showing which way to the sea.

Fun, Surf, Sea rug

Teenage Bedroom Lighting

When that cartoon light shade needs replacing, it’s perfect replaced by something like the Tricks, Skateboard and Graffiti Light Shade.

Teenage Light Shade

Teenage Bedroom Accessories

To further complement the ‘key’ bedroom products above, we also stock and supply a wide range of accessories which include cushions, bean bags, blankets, bedroom storage and throws. As always, if you have any questions about any of these products – just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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