Girls Toddler Bedding: Favourites & Best Sellers

Girls Toddler Bedding : Favourites & Best Sellers

The move from a cot to a Toddler Bed is not a move to be taken lightly. It’s a move which really does symbolise your child growing up and reaching the next important stage in their life and it’s a very exciting time for your child. At this age, anytime from 2 onwards, they are learning more than ever and are developing both socially and emotionally with each day that passes.

Not all good news however, the transition from a cot to a toddler bed can create some new ‘bedtime wars’ and at Children’s Rooms, we have experience more than our fair share of them! To help your new toddler bed feel and look as comfortable and inviting as possible, we have sourced an excellent range of girl’s toddler bedding, which features all of the favourite characters, themes and colours from this very special age group. As well as helping your little girl get settled into her grown up bed, these toddler bedding sets also inject a fantastic amount of colour and style into a bedroom.

Below we run through some of our best sellers, and a few of our personal favourites.

Pink Unicorns Toddler Bedding

Starting with one of the ‘girliest’ bedding sets we supply, this Pink Unicorn Toddler Bedding from Catherine Lansfield ticks every box for a girls bedroom. It features unicorns in various shades of pink, sorrounded by hearts and stars – in a field background which is full of wildflowers set on a white background. The reverse is a similar design, with a smaller pattern in the same pretty colours.

This bedding has been a really popular choice this year, and is perfect for girls with an early interest in horses. The set also includes a matching pillowcase. It’s received excellent reviews from our customers and is available at just £12.95.

Pink Unicorns Toddler Bedding

Egyptian Cotton Toddler Bedding in Pink

Moving away slightly from the character themed bedding, and onto luxury bedding we are proud to introduce our 100% Egyptian cotton toddler bedding. This cotton boasts a 200 thread count, and provides a wonderfully soft and luxurious feel – helping your toddler achieve the perfect night’s sleep. It also gains excellent reviews from our customers, and in a lovely shade of pink – looks brilliant in girl’s rooms.

This bedding is available at just £18.95.

Egyptian Cotton Toddler Bedding - Pink

Blue, Butterflies Toddler Bedding Set

Moving away from the pink theme momentarily, is our blue, butterfly toddler bedding set. This bright and bold bedding set features fluttering butterflies in various patters, colours and sizes. The background is a bold turquoise with rows of blue, red and yellow dots for contrast.

This bedding is available at just £14.95 and is perfect for the young nature lover.

Blue, Butterflies Toddler Bedding Set

Disney Princess Toddler Bedding – Dare

No collection of Girls toddler bedding is complete without reference to Disney Princess. The Dare to Dream version is one of our bestselling Disney Princess bedding and features Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel posing in colourful squares dressed in their finest gowns. The pillowcase reads ‘Dare to Dream’ in pastel colours.

This bedding set is available at just £12.95.

Disney Princess Toddler Bedding - Dare

Hiccups, Friends of the Forest Toddler Bedding Set

This bedding set has received rave reviews from all of the customers who have bought it. It’s a reversible duvet from Hiccups, one of our favourite suppliers and brings two unique looks to a bedroom. On one side, there is a brilliant pink, patterned with white large spots. On the other side, there’s a quirky and fun forest pattern which features all of the animals, leaves and flowers you can expect to see in a forest.

This bedding represents excellent value at £16.95.

Hiccups, Friends of the Forest Toddler Bedding Set

Girls Toddler Bedding from Children’s Rooms

Below is just a few examples of the products from our Girls Toddler Bedding Collection we supply here at Children’s Rooms, to view the full collection please click here. We are adding to our collection all the time, so please do keep checking back to see our newest products. Alternatively, if you can’t see the exact product you are looking for – please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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