Star Wars themed bedrooms

Star Wars Inspired Children’s Rooms

Convince any young Padawan that it’s time for bed with our range of Star Wars themed bedding and accessories. Choose between the light side of the Force and the Dark and bring to life a story from a long, long time ago from a place far, far away.

For fans of the incredibly popular Lego Star Wars video game, this duvet cover and pillowcase set will make them as happy as a Jawa in an electronics store. Featuring all your favourite characters in Lego form, this is a fun, bright and colourful bedding set that’s easy to clean.

If the Clone Wars were more their thing, check out the Clone Wars bedding set  featuring Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master, Yoda. Not to be missed, Boba Fett and a clone trooper also decorate the cover. Easy to clean and iron, this bed set won’t need to be cloned to ensure it’s back on the bed before bedtime.

Join the Empire with this single Storm Trooper duvet cover and pillowcase set portraying an image of a single Stormtrooper, iconic in his white armour. Photographed against a starry background, this bed set brings the epic feel of space in to the room.

Announce your allegiance to the Jedi Council with this Clone Wars bed set, featuring clone troopers, Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda, you’ve got everything you need to fight the Emperor, and the Dark Side.

Add a touch of warmth in winter with our Clone Wars fleece blanket, picturing Yoda, Jedi Master extraordinaire. Size matters not, but warmth certainly does!

Complete your child’s room from our range of 3D movie posters, a clone trooper clock, paper bin, towel or bean bag, featuring all their favourite characters. And remember, the Force is with you. Always.

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