Alternatives to chemical cleaning products

Six Alternatives To Chemical Household Cleaners

Disclaimer to start … I am not an expert but what I am is a regular every day person who is concerned about the amount of chemicals and plastics we use and who wants to try and improve things so we don’t leave an almighty mess for our kids to deal with.

Having done some research it seems that with a bottle of vinegar, a packet of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and a bag of lemons you are on your way to saving the world … perhaps not single handedly or without taking steps in other areas of your life but hey lets inspire ourselves to make an effort to make a difference.

*Always clearly label anything that you make to avoid any confusion and store it out of the reach of children*

Remember that if you keep your homemade cleaning products in containers that don’t contain any plastic or that are at least recyclable then you are being even more proactive.

Multi Purpose Cleaner from Going Zero Waste

Plus Granite And Marble Cleaner from The Spruce

Multi Purpose Cleaner from Going Zero Waste

This was actually a tough one. Some people swear by recipes which include both vinegar and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) while others say that when you use both together they cancel each other out.

Before we go any further it’s important to note that you can not clean granite or marble surfaces with anything that contains vinegar as it will etch in to the surface so keep this in mind.

Visit Going Zero Waste for the instructions on how to make an all purpose cleaner containing vinegar.

Visit The Spruce for the instructions on how to make a cleaner for granite and marble that is vinegar free.

Glass Cleaner from Wellness Mama

Glass Cleaner from Wellness Mama

We have a dog who loves to look out of the window beside the front door and wait for her loved ones to come home which results in smudged dried on dog nose marks that aren’t fun to get rid of.

Big brand glass cleaners are full of chemicals that I doubt are good for my pouch to be getting either in her mouth or on her nose so this looks like a great idea to me.

If you are sensitive to essential oils, or in my case if you don’t want your dog to be licking a window and ingesting the essential oils, simply miss them out of the recipe.

A microfibre cloth will work well with this glass cleaner but they do have an environmental impact as they are made from plastics and do not biodegrade so you could use a piece of cotton cloth instead.

Visit Wellness Mama for instructions on how to make this glass cleaner.

Carpet Deodorizer from DIY Natural

Carpet Deodorizer from DIY Natural

We are quite lucky that our dog doesn’t give our house that tell tale doggy smell however when we moved here we did inherit some pretty dingy carpets and while we’ve been spending money on the unseen bits and bobs that needed tackling we haven’t had spare cash to replace them.

I am definitely going to give this a go as it is so simple to try and the baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) neutralises any odour rather than just masking the smell.

As I said earlier some people are sensitive to essential oils and you can choose not to add them to your deodorizer as they are just to leave a pleasant smell after the baking soda does the hard work.

Visit DIY Natural for the instructions on how to make this carpet deodorizer.

Toilet Bombs from Mom4Real

Toilet Bombs from Mom4Real

I have been known to utter some fairly unlady like grumblings while I’ve been cleaning the toilet. I wonder some times if the Gruffalo has broken in to use the loo! The idea of a toilet bomb is intriguing.

I’ve made bath bombs using citric acid and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) so these are really just a pimped version of those with added washing up liquid.

If you want to go completely chemical free here you could leave out the washing up liquid and just add a tiny amount of water to bind the mixture. You will need less water than you think.

Visit Mom4Real for the instructions on how to make these toilet bombs.

Bathroom Air Freshener from Life Family Joy

Bathroom Air Freshener from Life Family Joy

Our small downstairs loo doesn’t have a window and can get a bit whiffy from just from simply keeping the door closed. There has been quite a bit of press recently about the harm breathing chemical air fresheners can do to you and so with it being an enclosed space I have steered away from putting one in the room.

This recipe, from Life Family Joy, is a great idea, although I will have to take care to avoid lavender essential oil as I have a visitor who is sensitive to that particular essential oil.

Visit Life Family Joy for the instructions on how to make this air freshener.

Sink Drain Cleaner from Green Living Ideas

Sink Drain Cleaner from Green Living Ideas

When we moved in to our house to discover the shower drain was already blocked I was told by the plumber, as he was using an industrial strength magic potion to shift the blockage, that you should treat your drains once a month rather than waiting until they give up and fight back.

I can also tell you that chemical drain cleaner is not the best thing to breath or to flush out in to your environment and so any alternative must be worth a try.

I can’t promise it will shift a heavy blockage so keep on top of things rather than waiting for the worst to happen. The same plumber did tell me that even if you feel you are being kind to your drains soap and hair can solidify in the drain and then that attracts more soap and hair which will evensually cause a blockage.

I will be trying this for our shower and sink drains once a month to see how we get on.

Visit Green Living Ideas for the instructions on how to make this drain cleaner.

It’s actually mind blowing how much we do rely on chemicals and plastic products so don’t just sigh and grumble about somebody else preaching environmental issues at you because every small step we take will help to make a difference.

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