Neat Children’s Bedroom Storage Ideas

Children’s bedrooms, toy rooms and even living rooms can become filled with toys and games and books. Children don’t even realise what they have and where it is. If your house has become over run with trip hazards and games all over the place then some of our ingenious storage items may be just the things for you. We have a large range of book cases, storage boxes, toy chests, pop tidies and more to help keep your house tidy and your child’s bedroom clutter free.

Childrens Bookcases
Peppa Pig BookcasePerfect for holding all those educational books, sticker books and even the odd jigsaw, our range of bookcases make it easy for you child to easily find their favourite bedtime read or their favourite colouring in book.

Toy Boxes and Chests
Disney Cars 2 Toy Box Not just for toys, our spacious storage boxes come decorated with a range of popular characters and can be used to store anything from toys and books, to blankets and even shoes. They also make fantastic additional seating with the addition of a matching cushion. A great feature to have in any kids bedroom.

Pop Up Hampers
Hello Kitty Pop Up Hamper
If you need somewhere handy to store laundry, toys, clothes, soft toys or even the odd but of fancy dress then pop up hampers are the product you need. They pop up quickly and easily and can provide immediate relief for a messy room. Even better, as they pack down they are absolutely perfect for taking on holiday or for packing your kids up when they go and stay at their Grandparents house.

Storage Boxes
Ben Ten 2 Drawer Storage BoxPerfect for putting beside the bed to hide all your little man’s treasured possessions in, from colouring in pencils to his Ben Ten figurines or even his favourite films. Use it for underwear to separate his pants and socks or use it to store all those small games that you have no other place for. Our Storage boxes are not only functional but make a great feature in a child’s bedroom too. Double value for money!

6 Bin Storage Boxes
Disney Princess 6 Bin Storage Drawers
Sometimes one box just isn’t enough, especially if your children have lot’s of toys and games and books. Try out a 6 bin storage box that has plenty of compartments to keep their bedroom tidy. Great for keeping dress up items, clothing, small toys, crafting equipement and much more. They are a great way of showing your children how to keep things tidy and how different items have different homes.

If you are looking for some new bedroom storage for your children’s room, then have a look at our full range here.

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