How To Transform Your Childs Bedroom On A Budget With Wall Stickers

How To Transform Your Kids Bedroom On A Budget Using Wall Stickers

Although providing a safe and comfortable environment for our children to sleep in is important many of us can’t afford to keep redecorating as their tastes and ages change.

It is possible to update your child’s bedroom on a budget with a little forward planning using wall stickers.

If you choose a colour for the walls, bedding and curtains that your child is keen on you can buy generic accessories which will remain in the room each time you change the wall stickers.

Nautical wall stickers

A good base is key to the successful application of the stickers, and most manufacturers will provide you with guidelines to follow, but essentially you must make sure that freshly painted walls have had enough time to completely dry out before you apply your stickers or they will peel away. Remember that even if you run your fingers over the wall and it feels dry it actually takes much longer than you would think to be ready to decorate with the decals. The average time manufacturers recommend is around thirty days. Even the best quality decals can not stick to a wall which isn’t properly cured.

Now for the best part. There are no rules attached to how you set out your wall decals and you can have some fun here. You might want to create a scene using the characters in your pack or you might want to go for a random look. Your kids might even be old enough to decide for themselves where they want things to go.

There’s no need to feel daunted by a blank wall, a pack of stickers and an excited child. If you are stuck for inspiration cut round the stickers while they are still on the backing sheet, leaving enough of an edge round each one so you don’t cut in to the sticker itself, and have a practise run setting them out on the floor.

When you are ready to get started it’s a good idea to have a soft cloth on hand to smooth the sticker on to the wall and get rid of any air bubbles. With larger ones don’t peel the whole thing off the backing sheet and try to get it flat on to the wall instead peel away the top edge and smooth that on to the wall then slowly peel the backing sheet away, keeping it as close to the wall as you can, smoothing as you go.

Disney Fairies wall stickers

Wall stickers labelled as removable and repositionable should come off your wall with out taking the paint off with them however it’s still advisable to give them a helping hand, especially if they have been in place for some time, by gently warming them with your hair dryer and then peeling the decal away slowly. Don’t use a craft heat gun or a decorating paint stripper gun for this as they are too hot.

If you would like to watch a quick video demonstration you can click here to visit Look Sugar on You Tube.

Don’t rule out the use of wall stickers in a young teenager’s bedroom or even a spare room. Our Marvel Avengers range is a massive hit with kids of all ages and I’m keen on cheering up my own office with some wall decals too.

Following this method you could feasibly start with wall stickers in your toddler’s nursery and then revamp their bedroom two or three times through out their childhood by simply replacing the wall stickers and updating worn bedding.

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