Handmade Gifts For Mother's Day

Handmade Gifts For Mother’s Day

I have to hold my hands up we love a bit of gluing and sticking in our house … and getting the paints out … and the needle and thread. To be fair we don’t need an excuse to get crafty. It’s something all ages can get involved with and you can craft along with your kids to make the most of the time you have together. I realise it’s not for everyone but you’ve read this far so I’m guessing you are interested.

Obviously many of you reading this will be the mum of the family however it would be fun to get the kids involved making something for their grandmas, nanas or grans. There are plenty of dads and grandparents who enjoy getting creative too so you still have time to whip up that surprise for mum.

Some of you may already have a stash of crafty goodies built up but if you are just starting out you don’t need to rush out and buy lots of supplies that you may never use again. The trick here is to think about how much you would have spent on a present and to consider whether you can use the materials again for something else. It’s also worth thinking about the things you already have that you might be able to use instead of the listed ingredients in the how tos.

Of course some of the things we featured in the Father’s Day article are perfect for ladies too so you can check them out by clicking here.

Hand Print Coasters from Dwelling In Happiness.

Hand Print Coasters from Dwelling In Happiness

This is a great idea if your kids are very young and have a short attention span. The added bonus is that mistakes can be easily wiped away and you can have another go but don’t get too hung up on getting the perfect hand print as it needs to have that childish charm.

For instructions on how to make these coasters please visit Dwelling In Happiness

Painted Pebble Cactus from Best Ideas For Kids and Abbi Kirsten Collections.

Cactus Pebbles from The Best Ideas For Kids

The best thing about this idea is that it suits children from a young age right up to those of us who would rather not mention how old we actually are (uncomfortable cough). Your cactus design can be extermely simple or elaborate and fancy with added embellishments. Pop one cactus pebble in a small pot or make an arrangement with a collection. And don’t tell the mums I said this but you can always keep this idea up your sleeve for Father’s Day if you pick something else to do.

For instructions on how to make these cactus pebbles please visit The Best Ideas For Kids and Abbi Kirsten Collections.

Abbi Kirsten Collections

Embroidery Hoop Photo Display from Natalie Wright.

Embroidery Hoop Photo Display from Natalie Wright

I particularly love this idea. Some things crop up time and time again on the internet but I’ve never seen this before and I’m going to make it myself for my work room.

Take care to look for embroidery hoops that are not expensive branded ones but then watch out for the ones that are so cheap they have splintery bits of wood coming away.

I love the natural look in the example but you can also really go to town here and paint the hoops to match your recipient’s décor or even rip strips of pretty fabric and wrap it round the hoops which is explained in wonderful detail at Love The Bluebird.

Fabric wrapped hoop by Love The Bluebird

The great thing about this is that you can give it as a gift with a set of photos but the recipient can change the photos when they feel like it and it’s as easy as hanging out the washing. Mini pegs are inexpensive and readily available on eBay or in high street shops like Hobby Craft or The Works.

For instructions on how to make this photo display please visit Natalie Wright’s website.

Body Scrub from LemonLimeAdventures.

Rise And Shine Body Scrub from Lemon Lime Adventures

Even if making this zingy sugar scrub isn’t really up your street it’s still well worth clicking through to this lady’s site and having a mooch around. It is packed with stacks of fun and educational stuff to do with your kids. Make yourself a cuppa because it’s easy to lose yourself in time.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Loving It Vegan

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Loving It Vegan

We found this recipe when we were looking for something different to make. I’m lactose intolerant so a vegan recipe is ideal for me but that doesn’t mean you can’t substitute your usual ingredients the way I do when I flip a standard recipe using non dairy milk or margarine. You also need to keep in mind that All Purpose Flour is plain flour in the UK and we substituted black treacle for the dark molasses stated in the recipe.

My little one and hubby don’t like walnuts so we have played around and substituted them for various things including more dried fruit, flaked almonds or pecans which aren’t as strong as the offending walnuts.

These need to be made as close to delivery as you can as they are soft set cookies … if you don’t make them to give as a gift then make them anyway because they are delicious.

For the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe please visit Loving It Vegan.

Button Picture from Teacups And Glitter.

Button Picture from Teacups And Glitter

This is another one of those that can be as basic or ornate as you want depending on the age of the crafter and the materials you have at your disposal. The example here from Teacups And Glitter is lovely and uses a pretty piece of paper to make the button design pop. However if you have a very young child or a limited budget you could just as easily draw a shape on to a small canvas and stick the buttons on to that. How about yellow buttons in the shape of the sun with “You are my sunshine” written on by your child.

Chalkboard Plant Pots from Who Arted?

Chalkboard Plant Pots from Who Arted?

This is another one that really appeals to me. This has so many things going for it. For a start the painting is easy for a younger child, then your child can use their own writing to embellish the pot and you can give the pot with a plant in it.

However if you don’t want to buy blackboard paint you don’t have to … simply let your child loose with their paints, acrylics will stick to the terracotta nicely, and let their imaginations run wild.

For more details on how to paint these pots visit Who Arted?

Luminaries from A Parenting Production

Luminaries from A Parenting Production

This idea is perfect for little ones. You can re-use pretty glass jars that have had jam or pickle in, just give them a good wash out, and use coloured tissue paper to suit your budget. This tutorial uses Mod Podge which is a fab product to have in your stash if you are a prolific crafter but if you just dabble then water down some PVA glue. The strength of the PVA/water mix will depend on the quality of your tissue paper so you will need to experiment but 50/50 is a good place to start. For older children or adults try cutting out shapes from black card, like a flower or a fairy, and sticking it to the side of the jar to create a cool effect.

Battery operated tea lights are a must here. They are now inexpensive and easy to get hold of and have a good life span. If you are in the UK you can get them from places like eBay, Wilkos, B&Q, Hobbycraft and highstreet discount shops.

Battery operated tea lights

Visit A Parenting Production for more details on how to make this candle holder.

Tea Cup Candles from Bridal Musings featuring Jenna of Lucky Sixpence Events

Tea Cup Candles from Bridal Musings featuring Jenna of Lucky Sixpence Events

This isn’t a new idea but it is a classic. You don’t need to use a tea cup, although they do look stunning, check through your local charity shops for interesting alternative pots. Make sure they don’t have cracks in them as they are going to get quite hot.

This tutorial uses soy candle flakes which produces no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants making them less likely to aggravate allergies. They also produce less soot.

For detailed instructions please visit Bridal Musings.

* Unfortunately none of the links Bridal Musings have included for Jenna, at Lucky Sixpence, in their tutorial are currently active so Jenna if you see our post please get in touch and we will be happy to add a link to your new site here.

Photo Cube from All Parenting

Photo Cube from All Parenting

This tutorial uses a really cool photo transfer technique and the Mod Podge brand crops up again. It’s worth pointing out that Mod Podge is well thought of if you are going to do plenty of crafting and spending money on it is a good investment because it does an excellent job however if this is a one off make simply have six gloss photos printed and trim them to fit then stick them on to the cube with a decent glue. Once everything is thoroughly dried you can still use fine sandpaper to carefully distress your edges.

For more details visit All Parenting.

Shabby Chic Union Flag Cushion from Craft Cotton Blog

Shabby Chic Union Flag Cushion from Craft Cotton Blog

You will need a sewing machine for this but a teenager can tackle it on their own and basically it is just sewing straight lines so if your younger child is sensible they could have a go with adult supervision.

For more information visit The Craft Cotton Blog.

Mini Canvas from Eliston Button.

Mini Canvas from Eliston Button

This is literally one of those ideas you can just have fun with. It is perfect for all ages and all levels of crafty stash. The basic mini canvas and stand are available in the UK on eBay or in high street shops like The Works for as little as two pounds.

This beautiful example from Eliston Button shows you what can be done. You can see how it was done here.

So there you go. Whether you make these things for Mother’s Day or save them for a birthday that’s coming up I hope you have a lot of fun making them.

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