Handmade Gifts For Father's Day

Handmade Gifts For Father’s Day

Following our handmade gift ideas for Mother’s Day we couldn’t leave the dads out.

A hand made gift for Father’s Day makes it that little bit more special so here are a dozen ideas that you and the kids can create to make dad’s day.

Of course some of the things we featured in the Mother’s Day article are perfect for men too so you can check them out by clicking here.

Child’s Footprint Inside Dads Shoe Print from Crafty Morning

Child's Footprint Inside Dads Shoe Print from Crafty Morning

I wish I’d seen this when our child was small enough to do it as it is adorable.

This is a versatile idea as you can make a card out of it, frame it or scan it in to your computer and have it printed on to a canvas. If you are a confident crafter you could actually print directly on to a blank canvas.

Lovely idea.

For more information on how to create this picture visit Crafty Morning.

Tie Shaped Biscuits from Some What Simple

Tie Shaped Biscuits from Some What Simple

There’s no need to dash out and buy a tie biscuit cutter to make these cookies as it’s a simple shape to do yourself. You could make a cardboard template to help you out so all the cookies end up approximately the same size or cut freehand. Older children will be able to do the cutting themselves but little ones will need help. A table knife, that you use to cut your dinner with, will be up to the job so the kids won’t need to use a sharp knife.

The fun part is definitely the decorating and you can have a great time choosing colours and patterns.

If you don’t fancy doing a lot of icing you could use chocolate drops or little sweets too.

The instructions include a link to find a cookie recipe with in the Some What Simple website however if you have a favourite biscuit recipe you can use that or if you don’t want to bake from scratch and just want to get to the icing part as quickly as possible you can pick up a biscuit packet mix at the supermarket.

Visit Some What Simple for instructions.

Simple Margherita Pizza from BBC Good Food

Simple Margherita Pizza from BBC Good Food

Home made pizza is easier than you think … and tastes delicious.

How cool would it be to make dad a pizza for his Father’s Day tea?

This recipe is the perfect starting point and then you can add dad’s favourite toppings sliced thinly so they cook through.

Visit BBC Good Food for this speedy recipe.

Fast Food Cupcakes from Bakerella

Fast Food Cupcakes from Bakerella

May be a burger is more dad’s cup of tea … well that’s no problem with this fun idea from Bakerella.

You have the choice of making your favourite recipes from scratch or using packet mixes depending on your available time, budget and love for baking.

You can find full instructions on the Bakerella website.

I Love You This Much from All Parenting

I Love You This Much from All Parenting

The best thing about this idea is that it’s great for all ages of children.

Your child could do handprints that you cut round, you could draw round your child’s hand or you can find a hand shape on line to print out.

Customise the message to suit your dad with something like “Here’s a Father’s Day Hug” or “Daddy I love you this much” … you might have a personal message that is special to you.

Visit All Parenting for instructions and some additional bonus Father’s Day craft ideas.

Footprint Keyring from No Time For Flash Cards

Footprint Keyring from No Time For Flash Cards

From hands to feet with this sweet keyring idea.

If you don’t have a craft heat gun to use on the shrink plastic don’t dash out and buy one … just look for a brand that can be shrunk in the oven which is how we did it in the “old days”.

Visit No Time For Flash Cards to see how it’s done.

Memory Jar from Make And Do Crew

Memory Jar from Make And Do Crew

This is one of my favourite gift ideas. It’s brilliant to give at Christmas too and has been well received by everyone I’ve given it to.

Include a jotter pad and pen with the memory jar to get dad started.

He can write down the things he does with the kids or all his favourite memories from the year.

Next Father’s Day you can all sit down together and read them.

I can’t remember exactly where I saw the idea originally but you can visit Make And Do Crew to read more about it. Unfortunately the printable label available on the website is out of date but you can have fun making your own label for the jar.

Father’s Day Questionnaire from Daffodil Designs

Father's Day Questionnaire from Daffodil Designs

Sadly, as often happens with online articles that endure the test of time, the link to the printable version of the Daffodil Designs questionnaire is broken but don’t let that put you off because this is a lovely idea.

If you can scroll in and read the questions they have used you can replicate them yourself on your PC … and if you don’t have a printer dad will really appreciate your child’s handwriting which will make it extra special.

If you can’t read the original questions make up your own or think of “Ten things I love about my dad”.

Popping this in an inexpensive frame will give it that extra giftable quality so if you intend to do that buy the frame first so that it will fit perfectly inside.

Visit Daffodil Designs for more inspiration.

Decorate A Mug from The Best Ideas For Kids

Decorate A Mug from The Best Ideas For Kids

Don’t be put off by the butterflies because there are some fab ideas online for finger print designs for everything from thumb print people to monsters and animals.

Remember not to let dad put the finished article in the dishwasher or it will end in tears.

If dad is concerned about washing his mug he could use it as a pen holder on his desk.

Visit The Best Ideas For Kids for more information.

Make A Money Box from My Kid Craft

Make A Money Box from My Kid Craft

How many dads come home and empty the change out of their pockets on to the worktop?

If they pop some in to this easy to make money box they will have enough to treat themselves before they know it.

You can use gravy granule tubs or the tubs Pringle style crisps come in and use paint, glitter and stickers to jazz it up.

Visit My Kid Craft to find out how to make this money box.

Origami Shirt And Tie from She Knows

Origami Shirt And Tie from She Knows

Older children will enjoy making this.

You can glue the shirt on to the front of a card blank or pop it in to a frame with a hand written message.

Visit She Knows for step by step instructions.

Handmade Tie from Made Everyday

Handmade Tie from Made Everyday

It’s important to point out from the start that this is not a free pattern. If you choose to buy the pattern you pay for a PDF which you print out and stick together. Don’t be put off by this as it is straight forward.

Secondly I must stress that I am not getting paid to promote this pattern I have simply made it several times myself to give as a gift and can recommend it.

Finally … you do need a printer to be able to print out your pattern and a sewing machine to make the tie.

Made Everyday has a You Tube tutorial available which you can view by clicking here and this is a great way to see if this is something you would like to try.

I can say that this is a lot of fun to make and has been well received.

The hardest part is picking which fabric to use. You can find some awesome themed fabric at Frumble’s online shop.

Visit Made Everyday if you would like to buy the PDF pattern.

Here is one of the ties I have made …

My version of the tie made using the pattern from Made Everyday

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