Clever Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Clever Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

We are waking up to the damage that the vast quantity of plastic we use is doing to our planet.

It is much easier to recycle these days, although the individual rules of some councils can make it a little confusing at times, but if you would like to try your hand at some home based reprocessing here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bag Dispenser from Craft Your Happiness

Plastic Bag Dispenser

We can all be guilty of shoving our plastic bags in to various nooks and crannies around the house, going out with out a shopping bag and buying yet another bag for life.

Why not make a central storage area for your plastic bags so the whole family can easily find one when they need one?

Craft Your Happiness has two versions for you to choose from and don’t forget if you aren’t a fan of turquoise you can paint it another colour.

For information on how to make the turquoise version click here.

If you would like to know how to make the metallic version click here.

Fairy House from Filth Wizardry

Fairy houses made from pastic bottles

This is a really cool idea to help you introduce the idea of reusing and repurposing to your kids.

As a child my Sindy was kitted out with furniture made from food packaging boxes and washed out yoghurt pots that I decorated myself and it was a lot of fun.

For more information visit Filth Wizardry.

If you enjoy doing activities and crafts with your little ones then it’s well worth having a dig around this site after you have checked out the fairy houses.

*BONUS* You can find out how to make wings for your mini dolls there too.

Self Watering Herb Garden from I Think We Could Be Friends.

Self watering herb garden from I Think We Could Be Friends

Although bottles were actually bought to put this tutorial together I still love it for several reasons …

Firstly it fits our brief of reusing plastic bottles because we are going to use the ones we had already bought anyway but better than that you can even use the planter over and over again to grow further batches of herbs.

The other big plus for this idea is that it means that even if you don’t have a garden, or a usable yard, you can grow something with the kids because all you need is a small window cill or a patch on your worktop.

The children can get involved in picking the seeds and tasting the herbs when they have grown. Start with a few that taste very different from each other like mint, which you can chop and mix with marg on their potatoes, chives, very tasty chopped and added to cheese scones, and basil, which will go nicely in tomato pasta.

For more information on how to make a self watering planter visit I Think We Could Be Friends.

Plastic Bottle Broom from Secret Yumiverse

Broom made from a used plastic bottle.

Here’s a clever idea.

I wonder if the brush would gather static and attract more dust?

I will have to try it and find out.

For a step by step picture tutorial on what to do to make this brush visit Secret Yumiverse.

Phone Charger Station from Make It Love it

Phone Charging Station from Make It Love it

This is a handy idea but use common sense here DO NOT leave your phone in this over night or when you leave the house as a charging phone can get quite hot.

If you would like to know more about how to make this visit Make It Love It.

Hanging Storage from Make It Love It

Hanging Storage from Make It Love It

The same lady has expanded on the phone charger station idea and come up with this useful hanging storage area.

As an avid crafter I really fancy making one of these … although it might not be the best idea for hubby to see too much of my crafty stash on display.

For more information visit Make It Love It

Jewellery Stand from Epbot

Plastic bottles recycled in to a jewellery tower

This project has been completed with tools that we may not all have but you could still have a go with out filing the bottle bottoms in to flower shapes.

Take care to smooth off any sharp edges with some fine sand paper.

To have a look at how to make this unusual piece in more details visit Epbot.

Owl Vases/Tea Light Holders from Amazing Interior Design

Owl Tea Light Holders

Putting practical to one side for a moment here is an idea for a decorative piece which is very effective.

If you find a jam or pickle jar that fits inside you can use it as a vase.

It will also make a nice candle votive but a standard candle would not be safe in this plastic surround so remember to use battery operated tea lights. If you are in the UK you can get them from places like eBay, Wilkos, B&Q, Hobbycraft and highstreet discount shops and they have a good life span.

Battery operated tea lights

Click here to see more of this clever project.

Bottle Bottom Snowflakes from Artesan

Bottle Bottom Snowflakes

Although it is not Christmas and the website that features this project is not in English it is such an effective idea that I have included it any way. The photos included with the tutorial make it easy enough to see what to do.

You can buy the small metal jump rings from craft shops and also hardware stores like B&Q.

Use metallic acrylic paint to do your snowflake detail on the plastic bottle or simple white acrylic for an equally stunning result.

Take care if you have children as the edge where you have cut the bottom away from the bottle may have sharp bits.

Garden centres sell metal trees at Christmas time that would look fabulous with these snowflakes hanging from them but I particularly love the idea of hanging them from a wooden tree like the one in the picture.

Please note the original site is not in English but you can visit it here to see more photographs.

Wedding Dress by Michelle Brand from Ecouterre

Wedding dress made from recycled bottles by Michelle Brand

Finally I will leave you with the results of an extra special recycling project.

Some of you might have made your own wedding dress, or had it made for you by a family member, but how many of you considered reusing your plastic bottles to get the job done?

Michelle Brand used a staggering number of bottle bases, lids and tags to construct the dress which has a sixteen foot train.

She specifically intended to show that art made from recycled items does not lack imagination or appeal.

You can see more photos of this breath taking creation at Ecouterre here.

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