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How To Make Your Nursery More Restful - Guest Blog by Katie Phillips

How To Make Your Nursery More Restful – Guest Blog by Katie Phillips

Getting children to go to bed can be a struggle. It can be even harder if their nursery is not set up properly to help them fall asleep. Here are some tips and tricks to help make your nursery a room that is more restful than it is now, to help both your toddler and yourself get more sleep. Remember, the better they nap, the better you nap.

Add Light Blocking Curtains

Many of the fabrics that make up our nursery are light and floaty, including those used to make baby curtains. Often, these curtains are beautiful, but they don’t do anything to keep light out of a room. The human body is designed to sleep when it is dark and be awake when it is light, so the light could be causing problems for their sleep schedule. In order to help your child nap when the sun is up, we recommend adding light-blocking curtains to their room.

If you love the curtains you already have, there are detachable linings that are easy to add to the back of your curtains that will block light and make the space more restful for your toddler.

Comfortable Bedding

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, and neither does your child. If they are struggling to sleep in their own bed, it might be because they are uncomfortable with their mattress or their blanket.

Figure out what textures they like to sleep under and check out the Children’s Room offerings to find the perfect blanket for them and their nursery design theme!

Toys: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you store your children’s toys in their rooms, they are going to be more tempted to play with them while they are supposed to be sleeping. To avoid this issue, put your child’s toys somewhere where they cannot see them from their bed or crib.

If you don’t have to a lot of storage space that’s out of sight, try putting them in bins or behind a screen where your child can’t see them.

No Electronics!

Keep all electronics away from your child and their nursery for as long as possible. They should not be using your phone or tablet to play within three hours of their naptime or bedtime in order to help them sleep as much as possible.

Electronics like this emit blue spectrum light that tells their (and our) brains that they need to wake up and pay attention to what’s on the screen. This is terrible for their circadian rhythm because it keeps them awake for longer. In fact, it forces their brains to stop producing melatonin for a while, which makes them stay awake, no matter how tired they are.

With that in mind, keep electronics out of their bedrooms so that they are tempted to use them when they are supposed to be sleeping or when they are struggling to sleep. The same policy would do you some good as well.

Guest blog written by Katie Phillips from

Easy & Low Cost Kids Bedroom Design Ideas, from the Experts at Children’s Rooms

Easy & Low Cost Kids Bedroom Design Ideas, from the Experts at Children’s Rooms

As with any DIY project, renovating and decorating a children’s bedroom can very quickly turn very expensive, especially if (like us) you aren’t blessed with arts and crafts skills to do a lot of the work yourself. Fortunately, at Children’s Rooms – we make it incredibly easy, and relatively cheap to design and update your child’s bedroom in a range of styles.

It makes sense to not spend a fortune on your child’s bedroom either. Children very quickly become ‘bored’ of certain themes and characters as they very quickly develop, and in changing just a few elements of a kid’s bedroom, you can change the entire theme and design of the room, easily and cheaply using just a few products.

Whether its characters from the latest films or TV shows, we have it covered.

Kids Wall Stickers

Children’s Wall Stickers are a brilliant way to inexpensively decorate a kid’s bedroom. Purchasing them for as little as a few pounds, they can be quickly put up and taken down. We have carefully selected a wide range of wall stickers, which keep up with how quickly your children develop, gaining new interests and hobbies – which wall stickers can perfectly reflect.

Some of our bestselling wall stickers include Dinosaur Wall Stickers, Construction Wall Stickers, Butterfly Wall Stickers, Disney Frozen Wall Stickers, Animal Wall Stickers, Under the Sea Wall Stickers, as well as Marvel Wall Stickers and Graffiti Wall Stickers.

You can view the full range here.

Kids wall stickers

Toy Storage

Toy Storage is another excellent, inexpensive way of adding style and design into a children’s bedroom. As well as adding style, these products also provide a vital function in protecting parents feet from toy’s on the floor, and play an important role in transforming a bedroom from chaos into order.

Toy Storage options are available in a massive range of styles, themes and colour options, with an excellent range of both boys and girls options available. Boxes, Seats, Baskets, Chests and Laundry Hampers are all available within the collection. Some of the most popular themes include Animals, Birds, Dogs, Space and the Alphabet.

You can view the full range here.

Kids toy storage

Kids Bedding

The Bed is one of the biggest single pieces of furniture in a child’s bedroom, so it makes perfect sense to use that space to style and theme a bedroom. Again, this is an incredibly cost effective way of adding colour and style into a room, with bright vibrant bedding sets – in a massive range of themes, patterns and colours are available from us at brilliant prices.

Kids bedding is available in all sizes from toddler/junior bedding to single bedding, double bedding and even king size bedding. Popular styles include: Animals, Ballerinas, Diggers, Farms, Dogs, Films, Cartoons, Marvel and Disney.

You can view the full range of bedding here.

Apple Tree Farm bedding

Kids Curtains

As well as bedding, Kids Curtains take up a huge amount of space in a bedroom – and offer an ideal opportunity for room styling and theming at a low cost, with easy install. At Children’s Rooms, we offer a wide range of kid’s curtains for boys and girls bedrooms from toddler to teens.

Available in a range of sizes, the collection includes themes such as: Farms, Boats, Disney, Disney Frozen, Marvel, Ballerinas, Fairies, Animals, Owls and Diggers.

The full range of curtains can be found below :

Kids bedroom curtains

Children’s Rooms

So there you have it, just four products which can be used to make a massive impact in your child’s bedroom. Simply browse the site to select the best possible products for your child’s bedroom. New stock is being added to the site all the time, so check back regularly. Alternatively, if you can’t see the exact product you want, just get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Playroom Decoration Ideas from Children’s Rooms

Playroom Decoration Ideas from Children’s Rooms

If you are lucky enough to have a playroom in your home, we are very envious! Playrooms are one of the only spaces in the home which you can turn a blind eye too and just completely ignore. It doesn’t matter if occasionally they get a little bit messy, they exist to let your children enjoy, and grow in your home.

To achieve the most of out your playroom design, we have a number of inexpensive but top quality products which can completely transform such a room, adding not only style and design – but also important practicality.

Below we run through some of our playroom decoration ideas with you.

Playroom Wallpaper

The trick to decorating a playroom, is to make it look brilliant, inspiring and fun – without spending so much money that you wince every time your decides to use the walls as a colouring book. Indeed, the trick is to pick a wallpaper your child loves so much, they DON’T even want to draw on it.

To achieve the above results, we have sourced a fantastic range of top quality wallpaper in a range of colours, themes, characters and designs. There’s the perfect wallpaper for every child and every room.

Some of the most popular themes from the collection include: Football, Disney, Animals, Robots, Disney Frozen, Disney Princess, Marvel, Avengers, Sports, Transports, Diggers, Construction and Farms.

You can view the full range here.

Kids Wallpaper at Children's Rooms

Playroom Curtains

Although not as important as curtains in kid’s bedrooms (think waking up at the crack of dawn every morning) Playroom Curtains add an excellent design element to any playroom, whilst keeping things nice and cosy when the darker nights roll in.

At Children’s Rooms, we source and supply an excellent range of wallpaper which is perfect for kid’s bedrooms. A wide range of themes, colours and patterns are available which encompass everything from classy designs, gingham patterns as well as all of the latest TV and film Characters.

Some of the most popular themes include Construction, Dinosaurs, Farms, Jungles, Ballerinas, Fairies, Disney, Marvel, Avengers, Sports and Football.

You can view the full range of curtains here.

Kids curtais at Children's Rooms

Playroom Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers are the perfect addition to a child’s playroom. As well as looking fantastic, they are brilliant fun for you and your child to decorate with – and they work perfectly with both neutral and busier wallpapers. A massive range are available, all are top quality and inexpensive to buy.

We think wall stickers are a great addition to any room for one simple fact, they can quickly be both put up and taken down – allowing you to cheaply and easily keep up with your child’s changing interests as they grow. This means you don’t have to tear down the wallpaper whenever your child has a new favourite character or TV show.

Themes within our range of wall stickers include sea life, butterflies, graffiti, fairies, Disney, farms, and construction. You can view the full range below:

Kids wall stickers - self adhesive and repositionable

Playroom Rugs

Playrooms get a little bit of a hard time, so it’s always a good idea to invest in a couple of rugs to protect the floor. There’s a wide range of excellent kids rugs available, which are excellent for playrooms, often providing a play area as well as floor protection. As expected, these rugs are available in a massive range of shapes, sizes and designs. They can feature everything from the Alphabet, Cars, Butterflies, Farms, Dinosaurs, Jungles and even Construction Sites.

You can view the full range, below:

Kids Rugs

Playroom Storage

Playroom Toy Storage/playroom storage in general is of massive importance. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ playrooms acquire, toys, colouring books, games, books, colouring pens, DVD’s all need a home. The aim of our kid’s storage options is to provide the perfect home for all of your kid’s belongings, keeping floor space clear and at least giving the impression of a tidy room.

A wide range of storage is available, from toy chests, laundry baskets, seat boxes and the more traditional toy boxes. There’s the perfect products for both boys and girls, and a wide range of colours and designs are available. You can view the full range below:

Playroom Storage

Playroom Seating

This is an often overlooked feature of a playroom and oversights with regards to seating can have disastrous consequences – your children can want to play in other rooms of the house! We always recommend bean bags for playrooms and bedrooms, they are cool, feature brilliant designs, are easily portable and are very comfortable.

We stock a massive range of designs suitable for both boys and girls with almost any interests, there’s everything from Star Wars and Football to Ballerinas and Disney Princess.

You can view the full range of Bean Bags here.

Disney Princess Bean Bag – Dreams

Play Rooms from Children’s Rooms

If you have any questions about designing your playroom, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help. Supplying thousands of products every month, we understand the unique requirements of a child’s playroom and can help suggest any products you may need.

Character Bean Bags Best Sellers & Children’s Room Favourites

Character Bean Bags : Best Sellers & Children’s Room Favourites

Bean Bags are some of personal favourite products here at the Children’s Room offices. They are some of the most versatile pieces we sell, and as well as being excellent additions to children’s bedrooms and playrooms, they also serve as important source of extra seating during busy times! When they aren’t being sat on by your child, they also make excellent footrests for us adults.

We have worked hard with the world’s leading suppliers to bring to market a wide range of character bean bags, which are perfect for both boys and girls. Below, we will run through some of our most popular, all of these bean bags boast clear, bright and vivid images and are of an excellent quality, providing years of faithful service.

Care Bear Bean Bag

Care Bears have been around forever, and today still prove very popular with children of all ages. This bean bag features Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear and Share Bear all over this pastel coloured bean bag. On the pink background, there’s rainbows, stars and hearts. This bean bag, is also currently in our sale.

Care Bear bean bag

Batman VS Superman Bean Bag

The epic tale of Batman VS Superman is told on this bright and vivid bean bag. It features iconic designs and stills from the film, allowing you…and your child to relive this box office hit.

Batman V Superman bean bag

Disney Cars Bean Bag

This incredibly cool bean bag features red images of Lightning McQueen and pale grey images of Jackson Storm racing against a blue background. Speedometers are printed in blue and yellow, and are also spread across the bean bag.

Disney Cars 3 bean bag

Disney Frozen Bean Bag

p style=”text-align: justify;”>For those who have children which are big fans of Disney’s Frozen – we are pretty sure that as you read this, the song ‘Let It Go’ is bouncing around your head. This bean bag is the perfect accessory for a Disney Frozen Bedroom and features a repeated pattern of Anna, Elsa and Olaf on a blue background.

Disney Frozen bean bag

Disney Princess Bean Bag

At some point or another, most girls become massive fans of Disney Princess. This Disney Princess Bean Bag as such is a pretty safe bet for any girl’s bedroom! It features Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel in pastel coloured colours. The virtues of the princesses, Loyalty, Kindness, Truth and Bravery are written across the bean bag.

Disney Princess bean bag

Minecraft Bean Cube

Minecraft has taken the world by storm in recent years, that’s why we are proud to offer this excellent Minecraft Bean Cube. Any players of Minecraft will instantly recognise it as a green and brown pixelated building block. It’s the perfect, useful gift for any Minecraft Fan.

Minecraft bean bag

Character Bean Bags

Bean Bags are some of our most popular products here at Children’s Rooms, and we are lucky to have access to such a large, high quality range. You can view our full collection here.

Animal Themed Christmas Bedding - Children’s Rooms Favourites

Animal Themed Christmas Bedding : Children’s Rooms Favourites

Animals are a really important part of Christmas. From the very earliest reference of Camels and Donkeys carrying Jesus, to the more modern symbolism of Reindeer pulling Santa’s Sleigh, Christmas has always had an association with animals.

Other Christmas references include Doves which represent peace and love, as well as and Robins making their way into Christmas symbolism. Less symbolic, but no less important animals include Penguins, Polar Bears and others which live in wintry, snowy conditions.

Below, we run through some of our personal favourite Animal Themed Christmas Bedding:

Christmas Party Animals Single Bedding

This cotton rich Christmas Bedding has been our best sellers, and has been popular with adults and children alike. This single bedding option is cotton rich, and features a number of cats and dogs all sat in front of presents, many of which have Christmas hats on. There’s a brilliant look of cuteness, and ‘what the hell is going on’ to these pets.

Animal Party king size Christmas bedding

Mr & Mrs Stag Double Duvet

This incredibly festive bedding set, features a male and female deer within a holly wreath. The image immediately behind the deer features falling snowflakes. The wreath is also set on an aqua blue background – which features snowflakes.

Mr And Mrs Stag bedding

Penguin King Size Bedding – 100% Cotton

This bedding set has quickly become one of our most popular Christmas Bedding pieces this year. It features a stunning photograph of a penguin, sorrounded by her babies. The high cotton content makes this bed feel very warm and fuzzy, whilst the image on the front also gives a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Penguin King Size Bedding

Blitzen Themed Christmas Bedding – Single

Ho, Ho, Ho is the happy message spread on this Christmas Bedding. Written across the pillowcases, are the worlds Ho, Ho, Ho whilst the front of the bedding features a large image of Blitzen – ready with his Santa’s hat on to deliver presents.

Blitzen Christmas Bedding

Christmas Cuddles Single Bedding

This fun festive duvet features some Christmas Animal Favourites. Polar Bears and Penguins are playing together in this wintry scene.

Christmas Cuddles Single Bedding

Emma Bridgewater Winter Animals Duvet

The incredibly talented Emma Bridgewater has created this luxury bedding set, themed with Christmas Animals – which is perfect for both adult and children’s bedrooms. Its brilliant winter theme features a number of animals taking a stroll across the front of the bedding, with a navy blue background – with sparkling stars in the sky.

Emma Bridgewater winter animals bedding

Winter Animal Bedding at Children’s Rooms

We hope you have enjoyed looking through some of the above Christmas Bedding. At Children’s Rooms we have worked very hard to source such a large range of excellent quality Christmas bedding, the full range of which can be found here.

Boys Toddler Bedding Favourites & Best Sellers

Boys Toddler Bedding Favourites & Best Sellers

It’s a big moment when the cot gets relegated to the garage and as a parent, you put your faith in your child switching to, and most importantly sleeping in a Junior/Toddler Bed. The move represents a very exciting stage in your child’s development – and their newfound confidence and interest in almost everything – will certainly keep you busy.

To help with the transition from a cot to a ‘grown up bed’ at Children’s Rooms we stock and supply a massive range of Boys Toddler Bedding. Not only does this bedding help style a room, making it look great – it also helps create an inviting bed space for your child. The range encompasses everything from TV and cartoon characters, to plainer and more discreet designs.

Below, we will run through some of the best sellers and favourites from the range.

Marvel Comics – Strike Toddler Bedding

Jumping straight in at the ‘Laddy’ end of the collection, we are proud to offer this Marvel Comics Toddler Bedding, in the very popular Strike Design. It’s the perfect bedding set for any budding superhero, and we like to think it inspires enough bravery to make it through the night in peace and quiet! Various images taken from the classic Marvel comics are show in squares on the front – whilst the pillowcase features a giant image of Iron Man.

This bedding is available at just £18.95, a great price for a bedding set which can completely transform a bedroom.

Marvel Comics – Strike Toddler Bedding

Space Rocket Toddler Bedding

This bedding set is perfect for inquisitive toddlers, and is also popular with parents looking to encourage a natural interest in all things science from a young age. The set contains a duvet and pillowcase, with rockets and space ships blasting through the galaxies and planets. The bedding set is a lovely midnight blue colour, which also features white stars. The pillowcase features a man on the moon.

This bedding set is excellent value at just £11.95.

Space Rocket Toddler Bedding

Apple Tree Farm Toddler Bedding

The Apple Tree Farm Bedding set is popular with both boys and girls, but especially popular with young boys interested in the outdoors. The duvet features a busy working farm, complete with windmills, barns, hay, orchards and a wide array of animals. Animals featured include cows, ducks, chickens, dogs, horses, cows, sheep and rabbits. The pillowcase has the words ‘Apple Tree Farm’ written on it and also features the farm rooster.

We supply this bedding at just £12.95.

Apple Tree Farm Toddler Bedding

Blaze Toddler Bedding, Zoom Design

Blaze and the Monster Machines (for those not in the know) is an incredibly popular Nickelodeon TV programme which features the adventures and friendships of a number of monster trucks. This bedding set features blaze front right and centre, on this brightly coloured duvet cover with matching pillowcase.

This bedding set is available at just £9.95. Representing fantastic value for such a bright and bold bedding set.

Blaze Toddler Bedding, Zoom Design

Boys Toddler Bedding from Children’s Rooms

Above is just a few examples of bedding from our wider range of Boys Toddler Bedding which can be found here. All products featured here are of the highest quality, with excellent printed designs on warm and comfortable bedding. If you have any questions about this range of bedding, or can’t see the exact toddler bedding set you are looking for – please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Girls Toddler Bedding: Favourites & Best Sellers

Girls Toddler Bedding : Favourites & Best Sellers

The move from a cot to a Toddler Bed is not a move to be taken lightly. It’s a move which really does symbolise your child growing up and reaching the next important stage in their life and it’s a very exciting time for your child. At this age, anytime from 2 onwards, they are learning more than ever and are developing both socially and emotionally with each day that passes.

Not all good news however, the transition from a cot to a toddler bed can create some new ‘bedtime wars’ and at Children’s Rooms, we have experience more than our fair share of them! To help your new toddler bed feel and look as comfortable and inviting as possible, we have sourced an excellent range of girl’s toddler bedding, which features all of the favourite characters, themes and colours from this very special age group. As well as helping your little girl get settled into her grown up bed, these toddler bedding sets also inject a fantastic amount of colour and style into a bedroom.

Below we run through some of our best sellers, and a few of our personal favourites.

Pink Unicorns Toddler Bedding

Starting with one of the ‘girliest’ bedding sets we supply, this Pink Unicorn Toddler Bedding from Catherine Lansfield ticks every box for a girls bedroom. It features unicorns in various shades of pink, sorrounded by hearts and stars – in a field background which is full of wildflowers set on a white background. The reverse is a similar design, with a smaller pattern in the same pretty colours.

This bedding has been a really popular choice this year, and is perfect for girls with an early interest in horses. The set also includes a matching pillowcase. It’s received excellent reviews from our customers and is available at just £12.95.

Pink Unicorns Toddler Bedding

Egyptian Cotton Toddler Bedding in Pink

Moving away slightly from the character themed bedding, and onto luxury bedding we are proud to introduce our 100% Egyptian cotton toddler bedding. This cotton boasts a 200 thread count, and provides a wonderfully soft and luxurious feel – helping your toddler achieve the perfect night’s sleep. It also gains excellent reviews from our customers, and in a lovely shade of pink – looks brilliant in girl’s rooms.

This bedding is available at just £18.95.

Egyptian Cotton Toddler Bedding - Pink

Blue, Butterflies Toddler Bedding Set

Moving away from the pink theme momentarily, is our blue, butterfly toddler bedding set. This bright and bold bedding set features fluttering butterflies in various patters, colours and sizes. The background is a bold turquoise with rows of blue, red and yellow dots for contrast.

This bedding is available at just £14.95 and is perfect for the young nature lover.

Blue, Butterflies Toddler Bedding Set

Disney Princess Toddler Bedding – Dare

No collection of Girls toddler bedding is complete without reference to Disney Princess. The Dare to Dream version is one of our bestselling Disney Princess bedding and features Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel posing in colourful squares dressed in their finest gowns. The pillowcase reads ‘Dare to Dream’ in pastel colours.

This bedding set is available at just £12.95.

Disney Princess Toddler Bedding - Dare

Hiccups, Friends of the Forest Toddler Bedding Set

This bedding set has received rave reviews from all of the customers who have bought it. It’s a reversible duvet from Hiccups, one of our favourite suppliers and brings two unique looks to a bedroom. On one side, there is a brilliant pink, patterned with white large spots. On the other side, there’s a quirky and fun forest pattern which features all of the animals, leaves and flowers you can expect to see in a forest.

This bedding represents excellent value at £16.95.

Hiccups, Friends of the Forest Toddler Bedding Set

Girls Toddler Bedding from Children’s Rooms

Below is just a few examples of the products from our Girls Toddler Bedding Collection we supply here at Children’s Rooms, to view the full collection please click here. We are adding to our collection all the time, so please do keep checking back to see our newest products. Alternatively, if you can’t see the exact product you are looking for – please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Best Kids Lamps: Children’s Rooms Favourites & Best Sellers

Best Kids Lamps: Children’s Rooms Favourites & Best Sellers

As the darker months nights draw in, the importance of gentle lighting in your child’s room becomes so much more important. Our range of lamps & lighting gently illuminate a room, without the use for harsh and too bright, main lights. So whether it’s for reading, or warding off bedroom monsters at night – our range provides an excellent collection, of safe lighting and lamps which your child will love.

A wide range of designs are available, including all of the latest themes & characters. Below we run through some of our most popular, and personal favourite items.

3D Ceramic Night Light – Balloon

This night light is perfectly suited for sitting on tables and bedside cabinets. It’s been crafted into the shape of a balloon, and lighting from the inside illuminates the entire nightlight, whilst extra light passes through the pin holes in the design. It provides a soft and soothing light, which is perfect for creating a warm, safe and comfortable environment for your child.

Ceramic balloon night light

Butterflies, Fabric Table/Bedside Table Lamp

This is one of our prettiest, and most classic designs. Perfect for children of all ages it’s made from a natural coloured fabric, which showcases a unique design which features meadow grass, butterflies and dragonflies. This lamp is perfect for those looking to create a natural, relaxing bedroom space.

Butterflies fabric bedside lamp

Cloud LED Wall Light

This cloud shaped, battery powered LED light is perfect for hanging on walls, placing on shelves, or even sitting on a bedside table. Widely used in both nurseries and bedrooms, this is one of our personal favourite lights. The gentle light it provides is great for helping create a warm, comfortable and safe environment.

Cloud LED wall light

Marvel Comics 3 in 1 LED Clip on Reading Light

This light is absolutely perfect for kids who love the creations of Marvel Comics. Designed to be used as a clip on light, it works brilliantly when clipped onto a bed, a bedside table or hanging from a wall. It has an adjustable gooseneck, whilst the base and the top of the light is covered in scenes from Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics clip on reading light

Space Bedside Lamp in Black

This lamp has been a firm favourite of our customers for years. It features a very striking black shade, which is filled with planets, rockets and stars of different sizes and brightness. The LED light is also fully enclosed, so no naughty fingers can reach it.

Space bedside lamp

Owl & Friends Bedside Lamp

This beautiful beside lamp is host to a wonderful array of sweet little songbirds and beautiful owls. Happily sitting on branches, the design features leaves and flowers in abundance. Again, the energy efficient LED bulb is fully enclosed, so can’t be reached. This lamp is an incredibly popular choice in girls bedrooms, and offers the perfect accessory to an owl themed bedroom.

Owl And Friends bedside lamp

Kids Lamps at Children’s Rooms

Above are just a few examples from our collection of Children’s Lamps available online from Children’s Rooms. To view the full range, visit the link below:

We are adding to the range all of the time, as new designs and character sets are introduced. Keep checking back, or if you cannot see exactly what you want – please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Kids Bean Bags: Our Favourites & Best Sellers

Kids Bean Bags: Our Favourites & Best Sellers

Bean Bags are some of the most versatile products we sell here at Children’s Rooms, perfect for everything from studying, to watching TV – they provide an amazingly comfortable and portable seating option or kids.

We stock and supply one of the largest collections of Kids Bean Bags Online, with designs varying from plain colours, right across to themes and character bean bags suitable for toddlers, boys & girls. The images on these bean bags are fantastically vivid and clear, all are filled with fire retardant beads and a wipe clean, fire retardant cover. The vast majority of our bean bags are 2.5 cubic feet, which are perfect for 18 month year olds to five year olds. A small selection of larger bean bags are available, as well as a few bean bag chairs.

Below we run through some of our personal favourites, as well as some best sellers from the collection.

Marvel Comics Bean Bag – Strike

This brightly coloured bean bag is a favourite with boys of all ages. It features most of Marvel’s characters individually, featuring Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawk Eye and Iron Man. Some of the cubes feature the Marvel Comics Logo and sound effects and captions can be seen across the design, including ‘Crassh’ and ‘Thopp’


Marvel Comics bean bag

Owl Patchwork Bean Bag

This Pastel coloured Owl themed bean bag is the perfect seating option to compliment a girl’s bedroom. Featuring pastel colours of blue, yellow and pink – this bean bag also features gingham, floral designs, owls, and songbirds – with a fair share of love hearts thrown in for good measure.


Owl Patchwork bean bag

Pokémon Bean Bag – Catch

It’s the craze which simply doesn’t fade away. First of all, it was Pokémon cards, then Game Boy Games and lastly the hugely popular Pokémon Go. This bean bag features all of the favourite characters, of course including Pikachu and Poke Balls in an all over design.


Pokemon bean bag

Star Wars Bean Cube

This bean cube allows your children to join the dark side. Darth Vadar along with his Stormtroopers feature on this bean cube, with each of the six sides featuring a different, vivid and bright image. One of the sides has the famous Star Wars logo on a white background. It’s perfect when used for seating, and speaking from personal experience it’s also a pretty handy foot stool.


Star Wars bean cube

George Pig Bean Bag

George Pig is certainly keeping busy on this bean bag. Riding all sorts of heavy machinery, he can be seen working in both digger and dumper trucks – making this perfect for a child with a parent in construction. There are words around the vehicles describing parts of the vehicles, and the word DIG is printed across the beanbag – making sure everybody knows that George is there to work.


Peppa Pig George bean bag - Dig

Bean Bags at Children’s Rooms

Above is just a small selection of all the bean bags on offer at Children’s Rooms, visit the link below to view the full range:

If you have any questions, or can’t see the exact bean bag you are looking for – then please do just get in touch. The range is constantly being added to, so keep checking back for the latest designs.

Children’s Toy Boxes & Storage: Children’s Rooms Products & Ideas

Children’s Toy Boxes & Storage: Children’s Rooms Products & Ideas

As parents, it’s always the colder months which make us really notice our messy our children can be. It’s those cold, wintery and rainy days where you look at your floor in sheer disbelief that so many toys are being played with, and this raises a number of questions:

  • Who bought all these toys?
  • Where did they all come from?
  • Who is going to tidy all of this up?
  • Where are they all going to go?

Fortunately, we are on hand to provide a massive range of Toy Storage and Toy Boxes to ensure that no matter how many toys your kids have, they can all be safely stowed away. So if you are reading this blog after standing on a particularly painful piece of Lego, you have come to the right place. Below we will run through some of our storage options, and show you a few of our favourite products.

Storage Bins

Storage Bins are some of the most versatile products we sell, they are widely used to store everything from toys and books to dirty laundry. One of our most popular storage bins is the Blue Elephant Storage Bin. The front of this bin has an appliqued blue elephant, whilst the interior is wipe clean. When not in use, this storage bin simply folds away.

Elephant storage bin

Toy Chests

Toy Chests are perfect for organising even the most chaotic of bedrooms. One of our favourites is the Fluffy Sheep Toy Chest. The sides are re-enforced with cardboard to ensure that it stands freely, and the lid does a brilliant job of keeping all those toys completely out of sight. The deep cream, wipe clean materials has a fluffy, beige sheep on the front. It’s absolutely perfect for boys and girls bedrooms.

Sheep storage chest

Pop Up Room Tidy

Pop up Room Tidy’s are perfect for busy periods of time and school holidays, they are best used for storing everything from books, to laundry to toys. Their large size means that they can completely transform a room. One of our best sellers is the Cupcake Pop up Room Tidy, which is pink with three cupcakes on two sides, and plain pink mesh on the other sides.

Cukcake pop up room tidy

Toy Boxes

Toy Boxes are the traditional choice for Toy Storage and as such come in an excellent range of shapes, sizes, and designs. One of our favourites, and an excellent choice for the winter months is the Christmas Village Folding Storage Box, which also doubles as a seat. It’s ideal for filling with Toys or Christmas decorations and features a stunning winter scene in which houses are decorated with lights, snowmen are in the garden and Victorian cars are driving through the cleared roads.

Christmas village storage box and ottoman seat

Toy Storage from Children’s Rooms

At Children’s Rooms, we stock and supply everything you need to completely kit out your kids bedroom. The range of Toy Storage encompasses everything from small toy boxes, right across to pop up storage and toy chests. To view the full range of products click here. If you have any questions about this range, or can’t see the exact product you are looking for – please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.